My Story

My Story

From playing Doom to installing early Linux, I grew up loving technology. My first programming experience was my Pascal computer science class in high school and later, I learnt C and Java in uni. From then on, my encounters with technology never cease even when I entered teaching service.

As my teaching experience deepens, my use of technology in teaching also increases and I regularly provide advice and help to my school and colleagues in technology for T&L. This is the beginning of my business providing technology consulting to schools.

The Company

The Company

The company provides consulting services to schools with regard to integrating technology into existing curriculum. At the same time, the company also train teachers to use technology effectively in teaching and learning. As the founder is a Mac enthusiast for many years, he brings with him much experience to share with teachers.

In addition, the company also provides FileMaker database development and website hosting services to educators and small businesses. Courses on programming for academic objectives are frequently held for students.

Our Service Categories

FileMaker Development

Ever experience the problems associated with using spreadsheets to handle large amount of data? With FileMaker, your students’ results reside online for you to retrieve anytime and anywhere. What’s more, any updates may be applied easily.

We provide ready-made and custom FileMaker solutions for your school needs. Contact me for more details.


Want to create online web presence for your education resources? Want to create your own online courses? Want to create an online CV for your potential employers? Host your WordPress websites with us for an affordable monthly fee of $4(billed yearly).

We also host industry-leading opensource Moodle learning management system for your school needs. Contact us for more information.


Ever try to figure out how to integrate technology into your school’s curriculum needs? Or do you want your teachers to move beyond PowerPoint presentation to deliver effective lessons?

We provide group trainings and consulting services to school leaders and teachers with regard to using technology and its implementation in education context.