Teaching and Learning


Constructivism is a learning model that suggests human learn by constructing knowledge from their experiences. In class, students would be solving real-world problems or doing experiments and learning from there.

Self-directed Learning

There are four steps to planning a successful SDL learning course. These four steps are

  • Being ready to learn
  • Setting learning goals
  • Engaging the learning process
  • Evaluating learning

University of Waterloo’s Centre for Teaching Excellence has an informative site on SDL.

Self-direction in learning: a detailed introduction to SDL by infed.

Online Resources

CK12 is an organisation that provide open source learning materials. Membership is free and the resources includes reading materials, videos and more. When you sign up as a teacher, you can add existing courses to your Library. You can also create your course contents. The killer feature is that you can even add the courses into the proprietary Flexibook, which appears like a textbook containing only the relevant topics that your students need for their courses.

CK12 Homepage