In this course, we are going to use C++ for competitive programming. The goal for this course is to participate in the University of Waterloo’s Canadian Computing Competition in Feb 2016.

There are two levels of competition. If since all of you have little programming experience, we can only aim for the Junior Level competition. However, do not under-rate this Junior Level competition as some of the questions can be tricky too.

What software should I install?

C++ is a cross platform programming language. There are various tools available to do C++ programming on both Windows and the Mac platform. For Windows users, Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition is a very powerful Integrated Development Platform(IDE). This is the preferred development environment for our course for Windows users. Please check the C++ option when installing, as the default installation only installs C#. However, this software is large, and it is not possible for you to download and install in School (we are in Indonesia). If you are not able to install VS2015 in time for the training, then please install this light weight C++ IDE Dev-C++. It’s only 50MB.

For Mac users, the ideal IDE for C++ development is Xcode. This IDE is also huge, and you need to install prior to attending the training.

If you really can’t install anything in time for the training, then you can still use online compilers such as IDEOne. However, this is only a stop gap solution. Please install proper software once you have the chance.